Kayla Galway

Hi! I'm Kayla. I am a remote software engineer at Mozilla and in 2018, I moved from NYC to Colorado. In my free time I take photos, ski, hike, bike, and try to learn new programming languages. I am a former professional photojournalist and now I sometimes partner with doulas to photograph people giving birth.

I currently work on the Firefox iOS browser for Mozilla. When I first began at Mozilla, I was hired to work on the Firefox Lockwise password management application. Upon starting to work on this project, I initially focused on stability, reducing the crash rate from 9% to just 0.1%, and then began refactors and feature development. I was recently incorporated into the Firefox iOS browser team and have taken lead on password functionality as well as implementing native AutoFill through the browser.

In 2018, my career came full circle from photojournalism as I worked for the New York Times on their core newsreader iOS application. I first worked on the custom news feed and then transitioned to the home page experience, which was primarily focused on user interaction experiments. I previously also worked as a software developer at Showtime Networks for their iOS and tvOS video streaming applications, with a focus on the video player portion of the main application. I was lucky enough to be involved in the rapid fire development of the Mayweather vs. McGregor pay-per-view fight iOS/tvOS applications for Showtime, during which I worked on a little bit of everything with a very tight deadline. I currently have over five professional applications published in the Apple App Store. Although I learned to develop for iOS in Objective-C, I currently primarily write in Swift.

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